EZETL Installation–let’s get it started..

EZETL Installation Overview

  1. There is no dedicated setup program for EZETL – instead, you can use x-copy approach to the installation by extracting the contents of the provided application zip file to a folder on your disk
  2. You can install the application at any time, but you have to make sure your system meets some basic requirements. Namely, here is what will be required:

     – Full version of .NET 4.5 or later

  1. Application installation zip file includes a number of components:

     – EZ ETL Project Designer

     – EZ ETL Scheduler

     – EZ ETL Integration Packages which are developed by TreeCat Software (you can still develop your own packages and/or download and install those developed by others)

  1. Once you have extracted the contents of the zip file, and assuming you have .NET installed and you also have sufficient privileges on the machine, you can begin working with the software – just start EZETL.exe application, accept all the licensing terms, and provide your license key information to unlock application functionality


EZETL Installation Steps and Screenshots

  1. Unpack the contents of the installation zip file to your disk


  1. Start EZETL.exe to begin working with the application. You will be asked to accept application license terms – you may be asked more than once, depending on whether there are specific license terms for any of the included integration packages



NOTE: You have to accept EZETL Application Software license agreement to be able to proceed. You do not have to accept individual packages license agreements, however, if you don’t do that, those packages will not be available to you.

  1. Once the license agreements have been accepted, the application will start, and it will ask you for the license key:


  1. Assuming you’ve already received your license key, you can add it to the application by following this simple procedure:

     – On the screenshot above, close the message box (click “OK”)

     – Open Package & License Manager from the application menu


     – Using Add License button, add a license key


     – Once the license key has been added, License Expiration Dates will be updated accordingly


     – Finally, click ok in the Package Manager window. From here, you are ready to start building your first integration project


We will have a look at creating our “Hello World” integration project in the next post..


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